March 2, 2010

Whenever life has made a move to a new phase I have always sat down and thought about what went by and what I am and should be looking forward to. I have realized that its been quite a deal, when I laughed, I cried as well, when I won, I lost too, when things were hunky dory, there was a sudden ugly twist in the tale. I realized that, this is LIFE. Whenever we laugh, we must be prepared to shed some tears. It can never be Spring always, Life is like seasons, we have phases, Nature has it defined but LIFE does not, sometimes winters are longer than Spring…like years long.

We get engulfed in the material things of our lives so much that we give up on enjoying the small things it has to offer. We keep running against time to achieve something but reach or achieve something different. So are we satisfied with what we have, we get…I don’t know but still we Live On,with the same zest as we do everyday or may be some days just drag ourselves to the mundane…

We live in a world of desires, needs and wants. We like to believe that we do not have any, we just live for the moment but its not that, we have all mostly picked up a battle with self. We are constantly at war with our wishes, dreams, desires, wants, needs. We do not know what is important for us, since for us everything is required. We do not know the difference I guess…

Talking about phases, come to think of it, each day brings with it a new dawn, and also it is end of a  yesterday, which is alive only in our hearts and thoughts. Moments of joy and sorrow of yesterday will not be with us tomorrow, there will be a new set of joy along…


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