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It Was Not Just Another Day For the City Of Dreams…Mumbai

November 27, 2008

Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.
Adolf Hitler

Well, couldn’t find a more apt beginning to the current state of events in our country. Everywhere, everyone is writing about a “Mourning Mumbai”, ‘War’, Attacks…and by now even all the media channels are talking the same language. Even i am not writing anything new, I am also penning down my thoughts on what has happened in the “City Of Dreams”

We all are tracking continuously on, what has been happening in Mumbai…we have blamed politicians, police, all responsible…as we always do. Once the situation is under control we will all get back to the grind till the next possible attack. Why?? After the last so-called “BAD” sequence of events happened, what have we been doing, haven’t we been able to get a cue of what was going to happen.

We continuously get into the blame-game in such hours…every media channel tracks, but also reiterates, see we were the first to say/show tell…we have the so-called experts sit in the studio and give their views, comments, blame…but what are they doing to ensure that the suggestions made is paid heed to. For that matter do they do anything at all, they would just walk of thanking the channel. I was just watching one such views expressed by a senior person, it was the closing shot and his statement seemed more like promotion of the channel, every sentence said “Your channel…”…”a channel of your status”, etc. these are not the exact words but these were the meaning…

Why are we discussing what’s going on, why it happened when we need to be giving them space to manage the crisis…be there to provide help if we can…as rightly one of the actors was heard saying. The injured need blood, rather than giving comments, one should go help, reduce the chaos and panic existing.

Why has this happened…why are we so vulnerable, that anyone walks in, shoots/bombs walks away…dies. We just haven’t moved an inch…from where we stood last time…we just say “so and so” might have done…’its the Pakistanis…There is a foreign hand’ no hand is foreign…unless a person from home handholds. i might sound weird…but why do we end up blaming religions, countries, its our problem that we are unable to control…

Those who do this Have No Religion…No Caste…No Country. They are sadists…psychos who have nothing better to do in life than terrorize people.

Today the Value of Life is a bullet or bomb…or money…the militants/terrorists kill people, create chaos for money or in the name of religion…most important POWER.

My heart goes out to those who have lost their lives and their families. The number of common men who have suffered is huge…Is money going to compensate the loss…